About The Anxious Teacher

I go by Nellie Mackay. I’m a secondary history teacher who loves to sing, make art, and travel. Avid food eater, frequent nail biter.

Email: theanxiousteacher@protonmail.com

I’ve wanted to write a blog for some time, but it’s taken me some time to figure out what it is I wanted to write about. Thankfully, I’ve figured that out, so for many reasons some of the information about me below is vague, redacted, or changed.


History Teacher at New School

(2020 – Present)

Prepares lesson plans for online learning, consistently begs students I’ve never met in person to turn their Zoom cameras on, and sometimes cries on lunch breaks.

Social Studies Teacher at School
(2014 – 2020)
Prepares lesson plans, varied learning activities, and differentiated instruction. Deals with too many parent emails and grade grubby students.

MSE in Education at University
Focus in curriculum and instruction. Studied technology in education, writing across the curriculum, and literacy.

Tennis Coach at School
(2015 – 2018)
Trained athletes in basic strokes, agility, and fitness. Worked with sore losers, lazy kids, and bad attitudes.

Bachelor of Arts at College
Majored in history, completed Teacher Education Program and student teaching, education and visual arts minor.

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